The following testimony was presented to Shadowbrook Church on Sunday, October 22, 2000. This took place during a Praise Service titled “God With Us”. During one portion of this musical program, someone will come forward from the church and share with the congregation of how the Lord Jesus has worked a miracle in their life. This year, the Lord chose Donna to share His Love with our Church! Below is the prepared text of her message.

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Donna's Testimony

Donna’s Testimony 3 months ago, I had a very full & active life. I was working part time at the church, I had a small business, and have been blessed with 3 wonderful children and a husband that I love very much.

2 months ago, I was not feeling well and had to go to the Emergency Room. As it turned out, I was having seizures. It was there that I learned the cause of those seizures, I had a tumor in my brain. The doctor told me that the tumor needed to be removed within the next week. He also told me that after the surgery I might be paralyzed on my right side because of the location of the tumor.

Within several days, my worst fears were realized. I had become totally paralyzed on my right side. I even needed assistance to sit up and feed myself.

However, when I learned this news, the Lord immediately gave me a peace beyond all understanding. I knew without a doubt that I would be OK.

The day before the surgery, I had requested for some of our deacons to come and lay hands on me; 40 men from Shadowbrook came to that prayer meeting! The next day, my surgery lasted 6 hours. We soon learned that my tumor was malignant, and it was one of the worse types of brain cancer one could have. The doctor had told us that I probably had less than 6 months to live. Yet, I still had peace from the Lord that I would be OK.

At this time my prayer was, "Lord you know my heart and my desire to raise my two young sons, and to be here for my daughter." Again, I still had that peace from the Lord that I would be OK.

After several days, I was transferred to Joan Glancy Rehab. While I was there, they told me that I most likely would leave in a wheelchair, but they would try to help me as much as they could. They assumed that I would be there for up to a month.

Over the next two weeks, the Lord began to restore my mobility for me! At first, I was able to move my fingers, then my hand, then my foot, then I could bend my knee, then I could move my arm and my leg! Next I was able to stand again! Then I began to walk!

It will be eight weeks tomorrow that I had my brain surgery. The doctors have told me that the progress that I have made in 6 weeks is more than some people make in 6 months. There are people with similar medical histories that are wheelchair bound or unable to move or even speak.

During this time, it has been amazing to see how the Lord has been there for me. When I had seizures, He permitted them while I was at home and not while I was driving my boys in the van. He delayed the surgery by not having equipment ready- for as it turned out, my brain was too swollen to have been operated on safely and could have caused me permanently paralysis!

My prayer has been for many years, "Lord, protect my health." and throughout this ordeal, He truly has! He has resurrected me!

I praise you Jesus Christ, my Lord & Savior for the miracle that you have given me!



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