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Below is a letter written by Dottie Boner. Dottie is an incredible witness for the Lord, who loves her Savior! When we first read Dottie's story, we were surprised to see that both she and Donna work at their church part-time and both had seizures, etc. As you can see, Dottie's story is written to another survivor named Kayla. If you have a question or would like to contact Dottie, you can email her by clicking here. This was first posted October 10, 2002.

There is an update from
March 25, 2006 below.

Updates are below!

Dear Frank & Donna,

Thank you for your response. Below is an email I just sent to one of the girls on your website. Again, I thank you for what you're doing for hurting people - encouraging them and being bold for the Lord! I will try to put my story down in completion and send it to you. This email to Kayla just tells a little more of our story and thought you might be interested.

Praying for you,Dottie Boner (yes, it's a funny last name, but God is good and we laugh with it!)


Thank you for sharing your story that God has given you, to encourage others. I, too, am a brain tumor patient. My name is Dottie Boner and I'm 43 years old (as of a couple weeks ago! Praise God I have another year - and I'm praying for many more to live for Him!).

When I was 34 years old, my first husband was diagnosed with an inoperable anaplastic astrocytoma. Yes - my first husband! We did everything the Lord led us to and were bathed in prayer, yet the Lord took Richard home November 20th, 1995. He left myself, our 13 year old daughter Natalie, and our 9 year old son Kyle. We were devastated!

The Lord - as only He can work, brought a godly man into our lives, who had also lost his first wife to colon cancer. We were married in 1997 and I am now blessed with another child, my 20 year old stepson, Justin. We adore each other and praise God for what He has done.

I work part-time at my church as a secretary and run our power point program during our morning worship service. (If not familiar, this is the screen with the music and sermon notes some churches use.) During the service, I fell into a grand mal seizure with no warning. After being rushed to the hospital via ambulance, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctors have been astonished that this could happen twice - to husband and wife. They have researched places we lived, etc., but can find nothing out of the ordinary. We didn't grow up in the same town, either (a common question I am now asked).

This I knew - I now have three children and a husband who have already been through this. My prayer has been that God would deliver us from this deadly pestilence and restore our lives. If He chooses to take me home early, I pray that it is not from cancer! I would rather be hit by a truck!

I underwent surgery January 2 of this year [2002] and tests (MRI's and PET scan) reveal they were able to get it all. Yet, the Cleveland Clinic told me I would "still die". This is not to "bash" the Clinic, but it was a horrible experience for us - not the clinic, but the particular doctor we were assigned to. After given zero hope there, we cried for direction. On our knees, the Lord opened doors for us to go to a Christian nutritionist, as well as an alternative clinic in Houston called the Burzynski Clinic (you have probably heard of it, as they have highest success rate in brain tumors). There is even a church in the Houston area, called Central Baptist, that called us - offering their love and prayers, as well as their missionary apartment to stay in while in Texas. (We are from Ohio.) We now have our Texas church family, as well as our Ohio church family.

I am currently on a medicine from the clinic called sodium phenylbutyrate, which has been approved now by the FDA. A doctor from John-Hopkins called me (!!) and told me they, too, are using this medicine and seeing great results! PRAISE GOD! I have MRI's every 8 weeks, with another coming this Friday. (Will you pray for me?) [Please note: This MRI was clear! Praise the Lord!]

I am on the "weaning" process of the meds (which have no negative side effects). I also do A LOT with nutrition and supplements, in order to keep my immune system strong and healthy for the fight. I am back to work and again, running our morning power point! My husband and I also lead our children's choir of approximately 40 children. We have just begun practice on an upcoming Christmas musical to bring glory to God.

Life is a gift and we will never be the same. I love your "things to remember", and printed it as a reminder and encouragement to me. THANK YOU.

We will have moments of fear and discouragement, as the devil tries to rob us of the joy of life and health, yet God reminded me of something one day - in which I call my "Tree Story from the Lord". Here goes: On my way to work one day, I was having feelings of doom and despair, when I called out to the Lord, "Please speak to me in your sweet, gentle way. And please let me shut up long enough to hear you!" All of a sudden I was remembering a tree in my front yard (? - bear with me!). When Gordy and I married 5 years ago, we bought a new home. There was a tree in the front yard that had been struck by lightening. The bark was split from top to bottom! Everyone said "Cut it down because it will die anyway! A tree cannot live once it's been struck by lightening like that!" It was then that God reminded me - "The tree is still standing - 5 years later! For you see, I AM GOD, not man. If you had given up and cut it down, it would be gone. But if you stand and see what I will do - you will see that the battle is mine. It is I who will say when it's time for the tree to come down. Just as it is I who will say when you will come home - not the Cleveland Clinic or any man. Rest in me, for you are my child."

This is my "Tree story for God's glory", a gift I will never forget. I am learning more to shut up, sit at my Lord's feet, and listen to His voice. I believe there's MUCH to be done. We have been through the deepest of valleys, yet there's no valley as deep as the deep love God has for us. I pray to live, delivered from the pit of the grave, that I may be a salt and light for Him on this earth until He returns for His children. I pray this for you, too, Kayla.

With love,

Dottie Boner

Posted April 27, 2004


Dear Frank & Donna,

Thank you for thinking of us and asking how I am. I went to the oncologist yesterday afternoon for my appointment. It was awesome! There was concern over my last MRI, though it was clean and shows the brain to be completely clean, it showed enlarged lymph lodes in the neck to cause alarm. But my oncologist checked them and doesn't feel the lymph nodes in my neck are of any concern at all. My next MRI is not scheduled now for A YEAR!!!!!!!!! This is a HUGE milestone the Lord has brought me to!! When leaving her office, I wanted to walk to the other end of the hall to see if Dr. Markarian, my brain surgeon, still had an office on the same floor. There were about 5 doctors standing at the end of the hall talking. I said to Gordy, "Is that . . .?" Before I finished my sentence, Dr. Markarian said "IT'S YOU!" and came over excited to see me, too! It was quite a moment to embrace the man who took out the tumor! It was wonderful to see him. He said he asks about me all the time and tells people to have me come in and see him. As we left, I just cried in awe, again, of all the Lord has done for me.

Add to that, my neurologist wanted to take me off seizure meds at this time. He sent me a few weeks ago for an EEG and it, too, came back clean. I am now down to my last 2 doses of dilantin! I will be off by Friday! I am unable to drive, of course, for three months. But it is a very small price to pay for the blessings we keep receiving. Meeting you through email has been one of the blessings in this thorn. Thank you!


Dottie Boner

Posted October 13, 2004

Just got off the phone with the oncologist's office. God gave us another clean MRI! WOW!!!! We're blessed beyond belief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for praying for us!

Love, Dottie

Posted October 21, 2005

Good morning Frank & Donna,

I received another clean MRI report this week and was excited to share with you! I love getting your reports and update. Thank you for your ministry.

I gave your email address to a gentleman this week that called about a glioblastoma. His name is Marion Pernod and he and his wife life in Ohio. Your story is one that gives hope and glorifies God. Thank you!

Love in Christ,

Dottie Boner

Posted March 26, 2006

Praise God!

God is good - all the time! What a beautiful update. Thank you! I, too, remain clean. My oncologist last week told me she was not recommending a scan until September - taking me to a once a year schedule versus the 6 month schedule. YEAH!

Love in the Lord,

Dottie Boner
4 1/2 year survivor!!!


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