We received the following testimony from Diane Haigh. She found Donna's story on the web and sent us her story of surviving her brain tumor to us January 20, 2005. She too places her faith in the Lord to carry her through this ordeal. If you would like to email Diane, you may do so by clicking here.


Dear Frank and Donna,

What a surprise and relief to find a web like yours. Thank you and bless you all for sharing yourselves. You are the second communication I have ever made on the internet. The first was to David M. Bailey.

I am 46 year female with glio level V. My story started the year of February 2000 with going to the doctor having routine blood work and come to find out I needed to go on thyroid meds that was a Friday. Monday I was in my little cubical at work and I know now it was a seizure that I had, but it was a silent one. I went to get up for whatever reason and the next thing I know, am sitting back down and two hours have gone by and I notice its time to go home. Right after that for three months, I was walking funny and couldn't use my left arm and none of the doctors within that time period didn't recognize the problem.

Anyway, finally my mother's doctor saw me and he knew right away that there was a problem; and that brings me to June. Now things get moving. MRI, neurologists office visit, bad news then surgery. I'm sitting in my bed all my family and friends at the end of your bed. I was ok seeing this and then I see one lone neighbor crying and I knew something was up. I was told that I had three months to live.

I read the other people's stories I did the whole thing as everyone - Temodar with radiation. In the beginning of 2001 I went on this clinical trial chemo called irinotecan or sometimes called CPT-11. Now, my tumor was on the right middle with fingers I continued to have a lot of seizures regularly during 2001. In 2002 I had another surgery to put a shunt on my right side for drainage due the fluid around my tumor because of the radiation. By the middle of 2003 all my MRI's kept coming back "stable". That's the word the doctors kept telling me.

So in February 2003 I was informed that I need to come off chemo. Supposedly I was on long enough. I actually was scared to stop believing that's what was keeping me alive but that was the physical part of me acting that way Inside of me I knew better - My faith in God and everyone's prayers were the results of me still being allowed to serve Him until he calls me home.

P.S. I always took lots of vitamins and Essiac Tea during the chemo to keep my strength up, even though doctors did not encourage it. I don't know if its OK for someone else. The only drug that I take today is Dapakote for seizures (which haven't had since 2002) and my thyroid med plus vitamins each day. I have an MRI coming up January 24, 2005; its been 6 months since my last one.

Oh by the way my MRI of Jan 24,2005 "stable" nothing changed. Another day to serve God!


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