Brain Tumor Links & Information

Below are some of the sites that I have found on the web that are both informative and useful. If you are just starting to look for BT (Brain Tumor) sites, these would be good places to start.

Jerry Kline -

Jerry is one of our favorites on the Internet that we have met. He has been a source of great inspiration not only for Donna, but many others that we have met in the Brain Tumor Community. Please visit his website. Jerry is a strong Christian and has a powerful testimony!

Clinical Trials and Noteworthy Treatments for Brain Tumors presented by the Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research Information. Easliy the most informative site that I have found. Al Musella has compiled an informative site that both medical professionals and lay people can understand. He maintains a wonderful Email group for Temodar which I have learned more from than all the other surfing of the web that I have done! If you are looking for information that is very useful, this is a must see sight. (This link is placed here with the permission of Al Musella.)

The Massachusetts General Hosptial GBM Guide. Have you or a loved just been diagnosed? If you have more questions, or if you do not even know what to ask, this on-line GBM guide is about the best that I have found to date. It covers what a GBM is, how they are diagnosed, how they are treated and what to expect. This is a must read for all new patients and their families. This is the offical web site posted by Schering, the manufacture of the chemotheraphy drug named Temodar. (Temozolomide) There is some staistical data from the study group that was involved with the September 1999 FDA approval of this drug along with other useful information regarding this chemotherapy. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme IV, Anaplastic Astrocytoma or other type of brain tumor, YOU NEED TO CHECK THIS SITE!

When Donna was first diagnosed with brain cancer, I felt that I needed to know as much as possible about tumors, cancers, treatments, etc. One of the first sites that I found was the American Brain Tumor Association. They were very kind to send out some information at my request. When it arrived at our home, I was shocked at the amount of information that they sent. There was a glossary of terms, where to apply for disability with Social Security, and many other items. This is another must see site!

Folks who are on Temodar sometimes suffer with a lot of fatigue. Denis Strangman has the following messages on his wife Marg's page about this fatigue and how some folks are handling it. I found it to be comforting to know that Donna's fatigue is nothing unusal. Please follow this link:

Here is a link from Nicholas Hare of the Mesothelioma Cancer Center. We have all heard about this awful disease and we are proud to place this link here.

Mesothelioma Doctors - Our website has the most up to date and comprehensive information regarding Mesothelioma on the web today and we work closely with Carl Jewett and the Veteranís Assistance Network to provide our veteranís with the help they need.

As I stated earlier, one of the reasons this site is here, is to give people who deal with GBMs and Brain Tumors on a daily basis hope. Again, my investagation has turned up several personal sites much like the ones on the list below. Please Click on these links to visit their sites to learn how they are dealing with this disease.


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